Secure Set 4 Gallon Kit: Sets 20 posts in 8″x24″ hole


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Kit Contents: 2 gallon of Part A | 2 gallon of Part B | 2 measuring cups | 2 mixers | 1 scrape stick

Secure Set SSF-4-40-20

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2 gallons of Part A | 2 gallons of Part B | (4 Gallons Total Volume) | 2 measuring cups | 2 mixers | 1 scrape stick

When using standard 4″x4″ square or 4″ round wood, metal or vinyl posts set in a hole 8″ wide x 24″ deep, you can set 20 posts per 4 gallon kit.

When using standard 2 3/8” dia. galvanized metal posts, set in a hole 6” wide x 24” deep, you can set 28 posts per 4 gallon kit.

Secure Set is a two component, high density, closed cell foam that when properly mixed in equal parts, will activate creating an expanding foam post hole filler. When poured as a combined liquid into the appropriate sized hole, it will quickly expand and transform into high density foam, stabilizing the post and creating a secure foundation that adheres to both the post and the soil. Due to its analogous properties and reliability, it is often referred to as “foam cement for fence posts”.

Secure Set can be used to set posts of all types, shapes and materials. They can be square, round, wood, steel, or vinyl. Secure Set, is an inert plastic, is environmentally green with zero impact on the environment.

Secure Set is the best solution as a replacement to other post setting products, such as concrete. It securely anchors fence posts, mailboxes, birdhouses, low level decks, garden enclosures, ranch corrals, utility poles, street, and traffic signs.

Secure Set is fast and simple to use, requires no heavy lifting, no need for water, virtually no cleanup and it is competitively priced to alternative products. The strength, longevity and ease of use of Secure Set far outweigh all other competing products.

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Weight 42 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 13 in

23 reviews for Secure Set 4 Gallon Kit: Sets 20 posts in 8″x24″ hole

  1. Posted by (verified owner)

    Having delt with weight of concrete did not want to use,sinking
    122 4×4 & 12 6xx6 this product is easy & light. Time and strength was also an issue it secured the post very well.

  2. Posted by

    Hi William.
    I see your new package arrived this morning. Please let us know what you think of the product when it’s convenient for you. Thank you for your business!

  3. Posted by (verified owner)

    The product is great and the shipping was super fast.


  4. Posted by (verified owner)

  5. Posted by (verified owner)

    Shipped/Arrived extremely fast – very impressive!

  6. Posted by (verified owner)

  7. Posted by (verified owner)

    Works as advertised. A great time saver!

  8. Posted by (verified owner)

    Good job. One of the mixing containers had a hole in it but everything else was perfect and the product performed. Thanks.

  9. Posted by (verified owner)

    The stuff is great easy to use takes a little time and it works fantastic

  10. Posted by (verified owner)

    Haven’t used the product yet, but will be in the next few weeks. The company and customer service has been outstanding. Can’t wait to see how this works – I have 5 acres to fence!

  11. Posted by (verified owner)

  12. Posted by (verified owner)

    Great product, easy to use just not enough mixing cups on the kit so be ready.

    • Posted by

      Thank you for your input, Alex. We’re glad you like Secure Set. The mixing cups you refer to are actually just intended for measuring the product before mixing.

  13. Posted by (verified owner)

    This stuff is AWESOME and the shipping speed was SUPERCHARGED!!

  14. Posted by (verified owner)

    Saves a lot of time, easy to use

  15. Posted by (verified owner)

    I was extremely pleased with the ease of use for setting poles for our split rail fence. Post are very sturdy in no time and and allowed me to complete our project in 1 day.

    Customer service was very friendly and helpful in getting the product very quickly.

  16. Posted by (verified owner)

    Good Stuff!

  17. Posted by (verified owner)

    My back thanks you! I set 12 poles in about 30 minutes and the most weight I had to carry was 72 ounces lol

  18. Posted by (verified owner)

    I love this stuff! My wife, my 15 year old son, and I were able to set 32 4″ x 4″ fence posts in 10″ x 36″ holes in a single day. (Yes it took several kits.) Using cement the same job would have taken 2 full weekends, at least. Most challenging part was finding enough mixing containers but we discovered fairly inexpensive deli containers on Amazon that worked perfectly. The materials may be more expensive than cement but when you factor in the time and effort saved on a job using this stuff it’s a no-brainer.

  19. Posted by (verified owner)

    Worked great and as expected.

  20. Posted by (verified owner)

    Great stuff and strong too!

  21. Posted by (verified owner)

    Have used foam on smaller projects before and loved it. Have been skeptical on using it in a large protect but finally took a chance. Installed 825 feet of 6 foot metal fencing with this product and loved it. You have to approach the setup a little differently than with concrete but once you have a system down it’s really fast and much easier in the back than concrete. We ordered 24 gallons of product which was the equivalent of about 86 posts. It is a little spongier than concrete but overall I think it’s a great product.

  22. Posted by (verified owner)

    Awesome! And great customer service every time I call! Thanks.

  23. Posted by (verified owner)

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