Secure Set 3 Gallon Kit: Sets 15 posts in 8″x24″ hole


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Kit Contents: 1 & ½ gallon of Part A | 1 & ½ gallon of Part B | 2 measuring cups | 2 mixers | 1 scrape stick

Secure Set SSF-4-30-15

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1 ½ gallons of Part A | 1 ½ gallons of Part B | (3 Gallons Total Volume) | 2 measuring cups | 2 mixers | 1 scrape stick

When using standard 4″x4″ square or 4″ round wood, metal or vinyl posts set in a hole 8″ wide x 24″ deep, you can set 15 posts per 3 gallon kit.

When using standard 2 3/8” dia. galvanized metal posts, set in a hole 6” wide x 24” deep, you can set 21 posts per 3 gallon kit.

Secure Set is a two component, high density, closed cell foam that when properly mixed in equal parts, will activate creating an expanding foam post hole filler. When poured as a combined liquid into the appropriate sized hole, it will quickly expand and transform into high density foam, stabilizing the post and creating a secure foundation that adheres to both the post and the soil. Due to its analogous properties and reliability, it is often referred to as “foam cement for fence posts”.

Secure Set can be used to set posts of all types, shapes and materials. They can be square, round, wood, steel, or vinyl. Secure Set, is an inert plastic, is environmentally green with zero impact on the environment.

Secure Set is the best solution as a replacement to other post setting products, such as concrete. It securely anchors fence posts, mailboxes, birdhouses, low level decks, garden enclosures, ranch corrals, utility poles, street, and traffic signs.

Secure Set is fast and simple to use, requires no heavy lifting, no need for water, virtually no cleanup and it is competitively priced to alternative products. The strength, longevity and ease of use of Secure Set far outweigh all other competing products.

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Weight 33 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 13 in

16 reviews for Secure Set 3 Gallon Kit: Sets 15 posts in 8″x24″ hole

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  1. Posted by (verified owner)

  2. Posted by (verified owner)

    Never Again will I haul heavy bags of Concrete

    This product is a dream to work with.
    The included mixing sheet made it very easy to calculate the right amount to mix……..almost!

    Unless you can dig a hole exactly the size of what’s calculated on the sheet, you will be short by a little. After a couple of posts, I adjusted the mix by adding about 20% more of each part and only then did the foam come up to the top of the hole.
    I ordered the (Secure Set 3 Gallon Kit that is supposed to set 15 posts in 8″x24″ hole. I was able to set 13 posts in hand dug 6″x24″ holes with this kit, and still have a little left over. Probably enough to do 1-2 more posts.
    My recommendation; calculate how much product you need on the Secure Set website. Then order 20% more than what it says you need, or you may find yourself heading to the big box store to haul some 80lb bags of concrete to finish up. :-{

    My Process:
    I dug one hole, leveled the post, mixed the Secure Set, poured into the hole and then started to dig the next hole. By the time the second hole was dug, I was able to remove the post supports and repeat the process.
    I dug, by hand, with an old fashioned manual post hole digger, and set 9 posts in about 3 hours.

  3. Posted by (verified owner)

  4. Posted by (verified owner)

    My back told me that he likes me again. Not moving 80lb bags!!!!

  5. Posted by (verified owner)

    Amazing! and it was sooo easy on my 67 year old body!

  6. Posted by (verified owner)

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    I am in the electrical construction trade and we have utilized Secure Set in many utility poles, temporary power panel structures, and direct bury light poles and have had amazing success for the past 5-6 years. This product allows us to set poles that normally took hours to set up with concrete or that the tamping process would over time start to allow the pole to lean. This product greatly reduces these tendencies and we can achieve this in about 30 minutes with proper preparation and strict adherence to the product installation guides. It gives us the peace of mind the poles will be solid for many years to come as it does not break down and it also eliminates the possibility of voids in the soil compaction process as it expands to fill the entire area. Another great feature of the product is that you can pour it in lifts without the worry of what is called checkering. As with concrete or tamping when you install in layers it allows potential voids between the layers to form air pockets that water or some other substance can enter and either freeze or solidify and weaken the area around the structure you are supporting. This product eliminates this process and for a simple explanation melts and welds to the top of the initial pour and expands into any voids so no air pockets can form and creates a solid structure support. Also with the packaging of the product they send it with all the tools needed (besides a drill) to utilize the product including mixing cups and stir paddles for a drill. This makes remote locations much easier without the need to lug water around and minimizes the amount of equipment needed to install these structures. By MSE electrical Construction

  9. Posted by (verified owner)

    Haven’t used it yet but arrived quickly and well packaged. Can’t wait to try it out on the installation of my Rohn 25 tower.
    Going to be lots easier than messing with concrete.

  10. Posted by (verified owner)

    The product was great! Ordering was easy and fast with plenty of communication on the status of my order. Overall, very happy with my order

  11. Posted by (verified owner)

    so far so good! 3rd time setting 4 x 4’s for fencing

  12. Posted by (verified owner)

    Product arrived quickly with full instructions and it works better than another brand I tried first. Will use again.

  13. Posted by (verified owner)

    Shipping was fast, I’d rather buy straight from the company VS Amazon!

  14. Posted by (verified owner)

    I am very happy with this product. It was my first time using it. I used it to secure a large cross in the ground. It was definitely easier than concrete. I believe it will hold up , but time will tell. When mixing this in a bucket for a large amount, pour the B in first as it is thicker and pours slowly. Mix near the hole, and don’t mess around. Once mixed get it in the hole quickly. It was shipped very quickly as well.

  15. Posted by (verified owner)

    Very good products…. nice set…everything needed inside the box !!

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