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Customers in Low GWP states (CA, CO, DE, NJ, NY, MA, MD, VT & WA) – The production schedule for this product has been delayed until after January 1, 2022 due to continued supply chain issues.  At this time we do not have an actual production date, but will update this statement again as soon as our supplier provides more information.  If you place an order for Low GWP Secure Set Spray Foam now, you will be able to lock in the current price and we will contact you when we have the product in stock for shipping.
For all other states, we have Secure Set Spray Foam ready for immediate shipping. 

This product ships free.

●Spray Foam can only be shipped to continental U.S. addresses
●Spray Foam is designated as hazardous material for shipment and can only be shipped by Fed Ex Ground
●Adult signature required for delivery
●Other SecureSet products must be ordered separately (this includes extra nozzles or hose kits – please call to order these items).
Only order as much as you need as returns are not possible due to hazardous designation.
●Orders are shipped Monday-Friday.
●To comply with new state regulations, orders shipped to CA, CO, DE, NJ, NY, MA, MD, VT and WA will receive the Low GWP (Global Warming Potential) propellant product version.

One 10 cu. ft. Secure Set Spray Foam kit replaces twenty 80 lb. bags of concrete

Save time, energy, money and your back.  Secure Set Spray Foam is so easy to use, you’ll wish you had discovered it years ago.

Secure Set Spray Foam is a two component, high density, closed cell foam that is automatically mixed in the correct proportions and creates a frothy foam that expands to twice it’s liquid size.    When injected into a void or appropriate sized hole, it will quickly expand and transform into high density foam, filling the void or stabilizing the post.   This creates a secure foundation that adheres to both the post and the soil.  Foam is an inert plastic, is environmentally green and has zero impact on the environment.

Secure Set Spray Foam is fast and simple to use, requires no heavy lifting, no need for water, virtually no cleanup and it is competitively priced to alternative products.  The strength, longevity and ease of use of Secure Set Spray Foam far outweigh all other competing products.

Check out our video showing Secure Set Spray Foam being used to support a concrete pad.  Within 40 minutes of filling a void,  we drive an 11,000 pound truck onto the pad and it remained perfectly level.

Where to Use Secure Set Spray Foam

Setting Posts of Any Kind:  Fence, Mailbox, Bird House, Flag Pole, Bench, etc.

Secure Set Spray Foam can be used to set posts of all types, shapes, and materials.  They can be square, round, wood, steel, or vinyl.

When using standard 4”x4” square or 4” round wood, metal or vinyl posts set in a hole 8” wide x 24” deep, you can set 20 posts per Ss-LF-120 kit.

Lift and Level Concrete Pads

Secure Set Spray Foam is great for filling voids under concrete pads, sidewalks, driveways, patios, etc., and is also great for leveling concrete pads such as you would find under AC units, transformers, satellite dishes, solar panels, and so on. Thanks to its ability to support up to 10,080 lbs. per sq. ft. it can more than handle the weight of many concrete-bearing applications.

In the 3 minute video above, you’ll see a homeowner use Secure Set Spray Foam to fill an inaccessible void AND lift the concrete driveway slab.  You can see the full length version in our video gallery.

Fill Voids In Hard To Reach Places

Sometimes soil washes out from under concrete sidewalks, driveways, pool decks or similar areas.  Removing and replacing the concrete is often cost prohibitive and cumbersome.  We have had great success in using Secure Set Spray Foam to fill hard to reach voids simply by drilling one or more 3/8″ holes in the concrete or by laterally inserting an extension tube to apply the spray foam.  No excavating or concrete work.  Using a 1/2″ OD and 3/8″ ID CPVC tube taped to the nozzle, you are able to extend the reach of the spray foam application up to 50 feet.  Watch our technical tips video to learn more about using extension tubes to apply Secure Set Spray Foam.

Other uses

Other uses include insulating around RV water tanks, adding support under bathtubs and shower enclosures during bathroom remodeling, as well as for insulating boats for wave noise reduction or for restoration projects.

Here is an example of Secure Set and Secure Set Spray Foam being used to support a fiberglass swimming pool that had experienced erosion under the decking.


This is a 4 lb. density foam, 10 cu. ft. kit, with 70 psi compressive strength, and a load bearing capacity of 10,080 lbs. per sq. ft.  These specifications are based on results from product testing in 2020 and are more current than the specs shared in an earlier video.

Ordering Information

The price is $398.95 with free shipping via FedEx Ground.

We generally ship the same day if you order M-F by 2:30 p.m. CST.

The product ships with 5 conical nozzles, and 5 fan nozzles.  If you want to order additional nozzles or an extra hose kit, please call us to order these.

Cold weather instructions

The temperature of the spray foam product will impact how it expands and the coverage area.  So we’ve put together a tip sheet to help you get the best performance from the product if you plan to use it in colder weather conditions.  Click the image below to download a .pdf with the temperature data.

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 11 × 17 in

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  1. Posted by (verified owner)

    Very happy with your product. Used on filling voids under a warehouse floor and this worked perfectly.

    • Posted by

      Hello James,
      We just realized our response did not submit to you. Thank you for your purchase of Secure Set Spray Foam and for your great comment. We are happy you are pleased with the product.
      Thanks again,
      GRA Services

  2. Posted by (verified owner)

  3. Posted by (verified owner)

  4. Posted by (verified owner)

    I used three of the spray foam kits to fill a wide area void under my concrete slab. The product worked great and saved me weeks of labor and huge material expenses by not needing to remove all of the concrete slab to fix the problem the old way.

    • Posted by

      Thank you, David, for the purchase of Secure Set Spray Foam and for taking the time to submit this great review. We are happy you were able to complete your slab project and save time and money in the process.
      GRA Services

  5. Posted by (verified owner)

    Haven’t used it yet,but I’m hoping great success. Thank You.

  6. Posted by (verified owner)

  7. Posted by (verified owner)

    I used this kit to lift a corner of my garage floor that sunk and had a 8″ void under it that was 8’x6′ and i have to say this kit jacked the floor up in place and it all good now . I highly recommend this product its easy to use and cheaper than having someone come do it . Anyone can use this product its thats easy

    • Posted by

      Thank you, Richard, for taking the time to send this wonderful review. We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience and thank you for your purchase.
      GRA Services

  8. Posted by (verified owner)

    I had estimated about 20 cubic feet had eroded under my concrete drive way. Your product arrived quickly, in just 3 days, and I did the project by myself in about 90 minutes. I had ordered 2 sets (20 cu. ft.), and it came out right on the nose. I spent several hours prepping for the injection, which was done from two sides at about 7points, and I had marked with grease pencil on the concrete vectors showing direction and how far (inches) the voids extended. It really worked great. Very pleased. I would recommend to customers that they have everything well thought out ahead of time, because once you get going you need to stay focused! Thanks again.

  9. Posted by (verified owner)

    Highly recommend this product. I had a 8’ void underneath my front walkway and there was no way to securely fill the gap without major digging out. I attached 8’ of CPVC pipe to the nozzle gun and it only took about 5 minutes till the void was filled and already starting to harden.

    Lots of great YouTube videos produced by the manufacturer showing how to fill almost any type of void.

    One note I’ll say is that one tank ran out before the other. Which was fine – it just took me a minute to figure out what was happening. Fluid was still coming out of the gun but wasn’t expanding. So that’s how you know you’re done!

    They should include business cards in the box because many of my neighbors were asking about it.

  10. Posted by (verified owner)

    I’m extremely happy with this product. I plan to order another one soon. I had a lot of cavernous voids under some concrete and it has essentially saved my pool and walkways.

  11. Posted by (verified owner)

    I barely blinked before they shipped the item! Great service.

  12. Posted by (verified owner)

    The Spray Foam was perfect for sealing the void underneath my inclined driveway.

  13. Posted by (verified owner)

  14. Posted by (verified owner)

    Very pleased!

  15. Posted by (verified owner)

    Great product. Used under sidewalk and front cement porch. Watch YouTube videos, have a plan, good results.

  16. Posted by (verified owner)

    Other than the unfortunate delay in receiving my product, it has performed as expected. My concrete porch slab had washed out underneath, so the secure set has filled the void and supports the slab.

  17. Posted by (verified owner)

    I ordered 2 foam kits to fill voids under concrete. This product was perfect for the void area under my front walkway and for filling a 10 foot long void by 6 inches high under a driveway slab. The instructions and videos supplied were very informative. I watched all the applicable videos 2 or 3 times so when I actually got to the point of spraying, it was easy. The foam filled the gaps under the concrete and now the voids appear to be completely filled and the fix is solid; that concrete is not going to sink anymore. I don’t have to worry about support under these areas and the possibility of the concrete cracking from the stress of no support. All the personnel that were in contact with me were very informative and professional. Love your professional and informative videos! The gentleman that does them is very informative and makes everything look so simple …. which it is. Love the product!!

  18. Posted by (verified owner)

    Product worked exactly as advertised and shown in the video. I had gravel washing out from under a concrete patio. Void was bigger than I thought it was and saved my concrete from cracking.

  19. Posted by (verified owner)

    Terrific customer service!

  20. Posted by (verified owner)

    This could not have been easier. I have never done anything like this and it was so simple and effective. It worked exactly as advertised and the instructions are clear. I’m hoping that in the future they might make smaller packages for smaller jobs. A lot of this material went to waste, but still the cost was worth it. The job was filling in under a concrete walkway that is about 6ft x 30ft and the set up, foam application and clean up (including trimming off the excess) took less than an hour. This is such a great solution and I’m hoping it lasts for several years.

  21. Posted by (verified owner)

    Very easy to use.

  22. Posted by (verified owner)

    Excellent product. I used it to fill in under washed out concrete stairs. Drilled 8-9 holes for access to void underneath. Videos were great for education. Product flowed very well to fill in voids. I ended up only using one nozzle for all holes. I made sure to warm up the tanks ahead of time. Easier to use than I had imagined. Highly recommended.

  23. Posted by (verified owner)

    Worked great for my concrete steps in from of my house that had the supporting soil washed out from beneath them. Was very easy to use, the kit has everything you need.

  24. Posted by (verified owner)

    Video and the products were wonderful and helpful

  25. Posted by (verified owner)

    Great product. Even better customer service.

  26. Posted by (verified owner)

    The product was easy to use and and the videos & instructions were easy to follow. We have large voids under the cement around our inground pool that some heavy rains have wash away the dirt, so some of the cement cracked & heaved. We used the foam to fill the voids & hope this will stop any future cement damage.

  27. Posted by (verified owner)

  28. Posted by (verified owner)

    Worked great

  29. Posted by (verified owner)

    Great customer service and good education to apply material

  30. Posted by (verified owner)

    Great product I am using it to raise a two family duplex. Make sure your outside edge between the concrete slab and the frost wall is sealed before pumping a lot of foam out. I learned after pumping foam into the slab and then realized it was escaping out the side of the wall

  31. Posted by (verified owner)

    Raised my concrete approach 4″ with ease.

  32. Posted by (verified owner)

    Worked as described.

  33. Posted by (verified owner)

    It provided the best delivery method for my needs, smaller holes, easy application, clean up, it beat the alternative of cutting large holes with cement saw and filling in. Minutes vs hours

  34. Posted by (verified owner)

    GRA Secure Set Company has this great product that is easy to work with. The company ships the product out fast with free shipping. I’m very happy with the service.

  35. Posted by (verified owner)

    Worked great!

  36. Posted by (verified owner)

    My second experience using the product. Preparation and patience have been the keys for me. By watching the videos and planning out my application sequence, everything has gone smoothly. I would use this product again and recommend it to those with moderate to advanced handyman skills.

  37. Posted by (verified owner)

    This product is so easy to use and does exactly what is advertised. I raised part of my driveway 3 1/2 inches. And the driveway is stable- no more bounce. A great functional and appearance improvement for a reasonable price. I highly recommend this product.

  38. Posted by (verified owner)

  39. Posted by (verified owner)

  40. Posted by (verified owner)

    Was easy to use,works well

  41. Posted by (verified owner)

  42. Posted by (verified owner)

    Product preformed perfect as advertised. I would highly recommend. It’s very pricey for amount of product. But that’s understandable in today’s economy. Bottom line very thankful that you have this product available.

  43. Posted by (verified owner)

    Excellent product for the DIY’r. I recommend this to anyone that is trying to lift settled concrete. View all the Utube videos to understand how this product works. It is simple to use and does the job. The only thing a DIY’r may have difficulty with is how much product is needed to fill the voids under the slab. I will be purchasing another unit to lift some settling concrete walkways.

  44. Posted by (verified owner)

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