What Is SecureSet™?

Secure Set is an inert plastic, high-density, closed cell, polyurethane water blown foam. Secure Set contains no CFC's or HFC's to create it's cellular structure. It's original use is to set power poles for utility companies and fence posts for residential and commercial projects. Other uses include: setting street light poles, road and traffic signs, mail boxes, flagpoles, pergolas, deck posts, bird houses and satellite dishes.

Calculate Your Project to determine the amount of Secure Set needed for your project. Secure Set is available in a single use “Shake and Pour” kit, and a multi-gallon kit that includes mixers and mixing cups.

Available in:

Shake and Pour Kit
(Single use - one hole)

Secure Set Package

Gallon Kits (1-4)
(Multiple use - up to 20 posts for 8x24 holes)


How to use SecureSet™


Combine the two components (A & B) in the included shaker bottle, or in a separate larger cup or container.
*For gallon kits, combine the components in a separate mixing cup.


Shake vigorously or power mix up to 15 seconds until the mix turns to a cream color. This will ensure the best mix for setting your posts.
*For colder climates, a power mixer is recommended


Pour the full amount of the mixed Secure Set into your post hole. After roughly 5 to 10 minutes, you can remove the supports. And after 1 hour, your posts are securely set.




Fence Installation Made Easy

Fence Post Installation, No Concrete

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More About SecureSet™?

Secure Set has been used since the year 2000 to set large power poles, telephone poles and light poles for utility companies, stadiums and ball parks. Secure Set is also used to set fence posts, mail boxes, satellite dishes, birdhouses, flagpoles, sail shades, park benches, low lying deck posts, pergolas, etc. Secure Set is packaged in gallon jugs for larger projects, or pre-measured ready-to-use SP Kits (Shake&Pour) for individual posts or smaller projects.

Benefits of using SecureSet™

  • No Lifting or Mixing Heavy Dusty 80 lb. Bags of Concrete
  • No Water Needed on the Job Site
  • No 24 hour Waiting Period for the Concrete to Set
  • Works to Set Wood, Metal, Vinyl or Fiberglass Posts Safely & Securely
  • Zero environmental impact on surrounding soil or ground water.
  • Protects Posts by Sealing Out Air and Moisture that can Rot or Rust Your Posts
  • Sets sufficiently in 5-10 minutes enabling you to Remove Post Supports, Fully Sets in 1 hour