Simple Mixing of Secure Set Shake ‘n Pour (SS-SP) to set a 4×4 wood post.

Two measuring cups and two mixers are supplied in every kit.

Mix “A” and “B” until you see a cream color, it’s ready to pour into post hole

Mixing on the job site with the attachable mixer, provided in each kit, using a cordless drill.

Leveling and stabilizing a wood post on the job site using stabilizing sticks and a two-sided post level.

See Secure Set rising in this image, it will rise to about 1″-2″ from ground level.

Erecting a privacy fence one hour after using Secure Set to set the posts.

Finished project of a privacy fence using Secure Set

Secure Set is used in setting large utilities poles in the United States and Canada.

Secure Set is used to set utilities poles in remote areas, using no water and no electric for easy installation.

Use the “Calculate Your Project” button to purchase the correct amount for any size pole or post.