What is the shelf life of Secure Set?

Normal shelf life is 18 months.  Shelf life is affected by storage temperature.  The hotter the shed or warehouse, (110 degrees F or hotter) the greater the possibility the resin will separate in the "B" component, thus shortening the shelf life.  Cooler storage areas will ensure proper shelf life.

Will Secure Set affect the soil around the post?

Secure Set is an inert plastic, closed cell, structural foam that will not allow water or air to move through it.  It does not leach or have any nutritional value that would promote fungicidal or bacterial growth.  It has no affect on the soil or the environment around the post. 

Will Secure Set help prevent rot for wood posts or rust on metal posts?

Since Secure Set is a closed cell material, water or air (oxygen) does not move through it.  Without air or water next to the post below ground line, there is no rot or rust. Therefore wood, metal  and vinyl posts will last years and years longer than if they had been set in concrete.

Will I need gravel at the bottom of my post hole?

No.  Gravel is used as a means to drain away water that can be trapped in the concrete around your post. Since Secure Set is a closed cell, high density foam, no water or air can penetrate it. When using Secure Set, there is no need for the additional purchase and use of gravel.

How much Secure Set will I need for my project?

Click on the "Calculate Your Project" bottom and input your project details. The resulting information will be the total number of gallons or SP kits you will need to complete your project.

Please notice to the Left in the gray box on the project details breakdown, the 6th line will advise of how many ounces for your specific hole.

How long will Secure Set last in the ground?

Secure Set is a green product and environmentally safe. As an inert plastic foam, Secure Set has an expected life of more than 40 years.

How long does it take to process a shipment and receive my order?

An order for Secure Set is normally processed and shipped the same day it is received, if the order arrives before 3pm Central Time (Monday thru Friday). Transit times vary from 1 to 4 days depending on the destination address. All shipments originate from Oklahoma. Most shipments arrive in 3 days or less.

Can Secure Set be used in areas that experience frost heave?

Frost heave is the result of moisture freezing that is trapped in the soil around the base of your post. Traditionally, concrete has been used to set fence posts. However, because of its porous nature, concrete absorbs water and contributes to the nuisance of frost heave when freezing temperatures have penetrated into the soil. Secure Set is very effective for setting posts in these conditions because, as a closed cell, high density structural foam it will not absorb water. Preventing frost heave is accomplished with the use of Secure Set and by digging your holes with a bell shape, so that the bottom of the hole is slightly wider than the top of the hole. When the moisture in the soil freezes it expands, exerting lateral or sideways pressure on the base of the post. With a bell shaped hole, the sideways pressure tends to force the post down into the hole instead of up. If your hole has a V shape, where the top is wider than the bottom, and you have used concrete, these two factors traditionally have contributed to the post being "pinched" up and out of the ground.

How do I determine the proper size hole for the post I am using?

It is important to dig the proper size hole for the post you are using. Per industry standards, the hole width should be twice the dimension of the post.  For Example: A 4x4 post should have an 8" diameter hole; 4x6 should be 10" wide; 5x5 should be 10" wide; 6x6 should be 12" wide. For any post that is 3" wide or less, the hole should be 6" wide.   The depth of the hole is also important. For an inline post, the hole depth should be at least 25% (1/4th) of the overall length of the post. For gate and corner posts, the requirement is 33% (1/3rd) of the overall length of the post, since these type posts will carry a substantial amount of weight.

How much Secure Set does it take to equal one bag of concrete?

An 80lb bag of concrete will fill a half (.50) cubic feet.  One gallon of Secure Set will fill 2 and a half (2.50) cubic feet. 

If a 8" diameter x 24" deep hole is used to set a 4"x4" post, you could use one SS-SP 824 kit or you could set five (5) posts with one gallon Secure Set SS-4-10 kit.

What should I do different during Winter Months?


WINTER MONTHS it is important that Secure Set be stored and mixed at room temperatures (75 degrees Fahrenheit or better). Also, if possible, during periods when the temperature is below freezing, warm the hole with a weed burner or some other method to raise the temperature of the soil in the hole. Do not put Secure Set into a hole that is frozen solid. 

Secure Set may not expand to design specifications if material is not warmed to room temperature before using.

Also, during Winter Months, mix Secure Set until the mixture starts to expand in the pail.  This helps advance the internal reaction temperature of the product before pouring it into the hole.